Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 6 Key Tactics for Property Positioning


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real estate marketing ideas

real estate marketing ideas

When positioning your property on the market, you can make a significant impact through implementing an out of the box real estate marketing strategy in India. By implementing these six real estate marketing ideas, you can maximize the visibility and appeal of your property to potential buyers.

From stunning property photos to virtual tours and local area highlights, each method plays a crucial role in showcasing your property’s unique features and attracting interested buyers.

1. Stunning Property Photos

Showcasing your property through capturing high-quality photos is one of the best real estate marketing ideas because they highlight your property’s best features. These images should showcase the architecture, interior design, views, lighting, and landscape.

Stunning pictures can make a lasting impression on potential buyers by invoking emotions and awe. Adding filters, captions, hashtags, and geotags can enhance visual appeal and reach a wider audience.

Here’s an excellent example from a Seattle-based real estate agency that showcases a stunning, recently completed kitchen from various perspectives.

ig post real estate marketing ideas

This particular carousel of photos will provide you some clear real estate marketing ideas like – a comprehensive view of the kitchen, including a wider shot to capture the overall layout, a close-up angle highlighting the island’s beautiful finish, and focused images of the gas stove and intricate tile detailing.

2. Virtual Tours

In search of several real estate marketing ideas, we get to hear about virtual tours. They provide an immersive experience for potential buyers, allowing them to explore your property in a 360-degree view.

Whether through videos or a series of photos, virtual tours offer an in-depth look at the layout, size, amenities, and neighborhood that may be missed in stock photos. Popular apps like Matterport, Zillow 3D Home, or Ricoh Tours can help create engaging virtual tours.

virtual tour

For example, Bobyk Media does these 3D virtual tours. While capturing the footage, the room must be ‘on focus’, not the view. Their tours use 360-degree photos and videos, capturing multiple images of a room to create a seamless panorama.

The focus is on the room’s interior, excluding external views to maintain consistency and avoid distractions. Views can be included separately or as a zoomable hotspot if desired.

3. Local Area Highlights

Creating local area highlights is an effective way to advertise your property by showcasing nearby attractions and advantages. You can feature parks, restaurants, shops, schools, or landmarks that make the area appealing. Sharing these highlights demonstrates your expertise and local knowledge, building trust and connection with potential buyers.

local area highlights

Here’s one example of a professional aerial map design from NS Ventures. These custom-designed maps showcase vital features, boundaries, and nearby amenities, providing valuable context and perspective for potential buyers.

Real estate marketing ideas like these are useful for marketers to make adjustments in their real estate advertisement campaigns.

4. Market Updates and Tips

Providing market updates and tips positions you as an expert and valuable source of knowledge. You can offer advice on buying or selling property in your area helps potential buyers make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes.

For example, you can share statistics, graphs, charts, or infographics that show the latest data and analysis on your market’s performance, inventory, prices, or demand.

infographics for real estate marketing ideas

You can also share tips and advice on buying or selling a property in your area, such as preparing your home for sale, negotiating a deal, or avoiding common mistakes.

5. Time-Limited Offers

Time-limited offers create a sense of urgency and excitement among potential buyers. By providing recommendations only available for a short period or limited to a certain number of people, you encourage buyers to act quickly.


For example, you can offer your buyers a discount, a bonus, a freebie, or a special deal if they book a showing, make an offer, or sign a contract within a specific timeframe or before a certain number of slots are filled.

6. Drone Shots

Utilizing drone shots allows you to capture stunning aerial views of your property and its surroundings. These shots provide a unique perspective and help highlight features that may not be visible from the ground. 

drone shots of house

You can use drones like DJI Mavic Air 2, Parrot Anafi, or Skydio 2 to showcase your property’s size, shape, location, and views from different angles. Or you can go through the internet for people specializing in capturing drone shots like these.

These new perspectives really help you attract the attention of the viewers when you’re engaging in real estate social media marketing.

In Conclusion

Positioning your property correctly on the market requires a combination of effective strategies. Each approach offers a unique way to showcase your property’s best features, provide valuable information, create urgency, and offer a fresh perspective.

By incorporating these unique real estate marketing ideas mentioned above, you can maximize the visibility and appeal of your property to potential buyers. Whatever methods or tonality you choose, make sure you follow the best practices for each format and optimize your ads for your target market.

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